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Rug Cleaning in Vermont

The best rug cleaning methods 

Area rug and Oriental rug cleaning in Stowe, Waterbury, and the northern Vermont area is as simple as calling the experts at Carpenter’s Cleaning Services. We appreciate that Oriental rugs have a timeless beauty and deserve special care and expertise for proper and safe cleaning. We have many years of experience cleaning area rugs. Our professionals will deliver a level of rug cleaning that is unsurpassed in Vermont.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

When you send us a rug for cleaning we know we are handling something of value and treat it as such.  

Your fine delicate rugs are:

  1. Vacuumed to remove dry loose soils and dust with special equipment
  2. Gently and thoroughly dry cleaned or warm or cold water extracted to remove the dirt and oils from the fibers.
  3. Any spots on your rug are carefully removed.
  4. In the case of warm or cold water extraction, your rug is immediately dried with the use of special dryers.
  5. The fringes are treated with a special fringe cleaner to restore their original color and brightness. The fringes are always done by hand to assure thorough cleaning.
  6. Finally, we roll up your rug, wrap it for pick-up, or at your request, deliver your rug to your home.

The Total Submersion Cleaning Method Advantage

Dry Cleaning, Warm or Cold-Water Extraction of Oriental Rugs

This advanced process can be performed on most oriental rugs as well as other fabrics.  This total submersion cleaning process provides a gentle bath for your oriental rug. It is extremely effective for the successful removal of most pet odors and the contaminants found in many rugs. This is an actual picture of a rug we were in the process of cleaning.

Oriental Rug Before and After

In Home or Take Out Cleaning...Which is right?   

"In the end you should do the right thing even if it is hard."

This is a quote my parents often would say to me when I was a child and it’s a principle I still live by today. There are those who clean rugs that will say, "Don’t worry about removing rugs. We can clean them in your home. It’s much easier than rolling them up and sending them out." But is it the right way to clean area or oriental rugs? The simple answer is no. Why?

  1. It’s a waste of money going over the top of the rug. Although it may make it look better, it’s not really clean. In fact 90% of allergens and dust are still in the rug.
  2. Just because a company cleans carpets does not mean they have the knowledge or equipment to clean wool rugs. Often times, lack of knowledge leads to damaged rugs, color bleeding, and shrinkage. Wool rugs need proper cleaning agents that have a lower PH and are specifically made for wool. Second, incorrectly drying wool rugs that are tightly knit and dry slowly can cause dry rot. It even can lead to mold.
  3. Critical steps are skipped when rugs are cleaned in a home. This may include  dusting or dry soil removal. Without these steps, the home's air quality is not improved.
  4. Rinsing area or oriental rugs on wood floors makes proper rinsing impossible. Doing so leaves cleaning agents behind, leading to rapid resoiling.

 Don’t waste your money. Get it done right by the professionals at Carpenter’s Cleaning Services.

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