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The best tile cleaning methods 

Tile and stone have natural beauty and an enduring quality. When maintained properly, tile and stone can last much longer than other flooring options. Unsightly and aging surfaces can be revitalized to a like new condition so that your investment is preserved. Many people choose tile restoration over costly replacement. We use the latest proven techniques, cleaning agents and sealers. If you’re seriously considering this option, call us for a free demo!

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We have cleaned many tile and stone floors throughout Lamiolle County all the way to Chittenden County  in Vermont.  We have had great results and many happy customers. We also clean showers and countertops! So if you're tired of looking at dirty grout or ugly tile, don’t wait. Get it restored!

Our Process

Tile and Grout Cleaning

What should you expect when you call Carpenter's Cleaning  to handle tile and grout cleaning?

Step One - Pre-Treatment

First, we apply a mild alkaline solution to a section of floor and allow it to soak for about 15 minutes. We do not use harsh acids as these damage tiles and grout. This pre-treatment loosens accumulated soil, grease, and contaminants, and prepares the surface for our cleaning process.

Step Two - Turbo Washing

We use a pressure washing system designed specifically for tile and grout, acrylic, and epoxy surfaces. Our truck mounted cleaning process washes the floor to extract soil and grease from the pores in the tile and grout or other hard surface floors. The system generates water pressure of 1000 to 1200 P.S.I and water temperature of 240 degrees to soften and extract years of soil and contaminants. 

Step Three - Extracting

The floor tool connects to a powerful vacuum hose, which sucks the cleaning the cleaning disk to the floor, and confines the water so no over spray. The vacuum draws the dirty contaminated water out to a tank on the truck, and we dispose of it according to EPA standards. You will be surprised with our process which brings back 85 to 95 % of it's original appearance.  The combination of heat , water pressure, and suction removes most stains.

Step Four - Sealing

After we clean the floor and allow it to dry, we seal the floor with our impregnating sealer. The tile and grout floor absorbs the sealer into it’s pores, creating a barrier against future staining. The sealer does not change the appearance of the floors by adding a shine or luster. Instead, it preserves the natural beauty of the surface.

Step Five - Maintenance

We will provide instructions for your in house or commercial cleaning people in how to take proper care of the floors, and show them the proper cleaners to use. In addition, we will contact you to pre-arranged cycle and offer our services to do touch ups and resealing as needed. A regular maintenance program will keep your floors in top notch condition.
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